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What do we do

The following are a few of the commercial applications currently served by HOOHA with wire harness and cable assemblies.


data cable



Key Commercial Applications

  • USB cable

  • DC power plug and socket

  • D-sub cable

  • RCA cable

  • DIN cable

  • BNC cable

  • RJ cable

  • HDMI cable

XLR cable

DMX cable

  • Banana cable

Alligator clip cable

Aviation cable

  • Others

Other Areas Supported

  • USB A to B to C to lighting cable

USB to RCA cable

USB to DB cable

USB to DC cable

USB to HDMI cable

RJ45 to BNC cable

RJ45 to DB cable

RJ45 to DC3.5mm cable

RJ11 to DC3.5 cable

DC to BNC cable

DB25 to BNC cable

HDMI to DB9 cable

DIN to RJ45 cable

DB9 to BNC cable




The following are a few of the automotive applications currently served by HOOHA with wire harness and cable assemblies.


auto wire harness


Key Automotive Applications

  • Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHSML) Harness

  • Interior Lighting Harness

  • Shift Lever Cable Assembly

  • A/ C Harness  

  • HDLP/ LED Headlight Harness

  • Engine Position Sensor Harness

  • Transaxle Harness

  • Under Hood Harness

  • Side Marker Harness

  • Tail Light/ RCL Harness

  • Circuit Board Jumpers

  • Window Lift Harness

  • Seat Harnesses

  • Rear/ Side View Mirror Harness

Other Areas Supported

  • Camera Harnesses

  • Deck Lid

  • Truck Bed


  • Front Facing Arm Rest Harnesses

  • Convertible Top


Other Industries HOOHA clients provide products for:


  • Audio Equipment

  • Automation

  • LED and Lighting devices

  • Defense

  • Power Supplies

  • Power Distribution

  • Emergency Power

  • Communications

  • Transportation

  • Consumer

  • Industrial machines

  • Electronic Equipment

  • Aerospace

  • Alternative Energy

  • Computer Hardware


For More Information, Pls See Our Products Catalog:


product lists-HOOHA.pdf