1). Why should I choose your company?


We have a large number of equivalents like TE, MOLEX, JST, etc. connectors, and terminal equivalents, that could help you shorten the delivery lead time. If you want original brand connectors, don't worry about we will use replacement because the original has a logo on their item, and replacements have no logos.

Most importantly, equivalents are much cheaper than originals, helping you save many costs, you don't need to worry about the quality, we have more than 10 years of experience in processing wire harnesses, and many famous brands cooperate with us like BYD, PSA, etc.



2). Is there a standard size cable, plug, connector, or power cord?


No. Actually, as you like, there are many options to consider including material, size, configuration, application, and more. If you have a specific application consider contacting our technical sales for assistance.



3). What is your minimum order?


Minimum orders of $500.00 per item(s). The quantity depends on the item(s).



4). If I don't have any drawings, can you still quote my product?


Yes, just provide as many details as possible about your product including wire length, gauge, electric circuits, connector part number, dimensions, etc. and the quoting department can get started on your quote. You can also send a sample to us, we will quote and make the sample for you based on that.



5). What's your warranty policy?


 we guarantee our customers 1 ~ 3 years to replace any rejects due to quality problems. (this will not include man-made reason).



6). What is your standard lead time?


2~4 weeks.



7). What is your F.O.B.?


Shenzhen, Guangzhou, HongKong



8). What methods of payment do you accept?


Now we only accept TT as our payment, Paypal is just used for sample orders.



9). What connector brand you are working with?


We cooperate with TE, AMP, Deutsch, JST, Molex, Delphi, KET, Sumitomo, etc. If you want a cheaper price, we can also provide its equivalents/replacements to you, the same quality, a short lead time.


10). What connectors you can process?

Electronic plastic connector pitch over 1.0mm, automotive connector, OBD with over mold, data transfer connector like USB, D-sub, RJ series, GX12/16/19/20/25/30, BNC, XT30/60/90, RCA, SAE bullet connector, Barrel Jack, battery terminal, clip/clamp, terminal block, banana plug, sensors, etc.


11). What cable/wire standard you are using?

Normally, we use UL standard wire and cable, like UL1007, UL1015, UL1569, UL2468, UL2464, UL3266, etc. are regular wire and cable in our stock. wire gauge from 2AWG to 28AWG is available.

Other auto wires like GXL, SXL, TXL, AVS, AVSS, FLRY, FLYW, H03VV, H05VV, H07VV, SP-1, SP-2, etc. are available.


12). Does your company have the capability to handle big orders?

We are annual production capability is 8,700,000pcs wire harnesses, and turnover is more than $8 million. A large order quantity is welcome. 


13).  Are these product quality assured?

All of our products are RoHS compliant, the wire harness is UL certified. We have strict QC, Passed IATF 16949 Quality control system, and all products are 100% tested before delivery, which means every single wire harness will be tested before shipping out.


14). I'm worried about how to ship to me, how can you help me?


Don't worry, when the order is finished, we will check with the courier the shipping costs and give you for reference. normally DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/EMS can provide door-to-door service. For air and shipway, you don't also worry about that, we will help to provide all necessary documents to you for customs clearance.



15). How to process an order?


Send us your sample or drawing request → Feedback with quotation(1~3 days) → Confirm quotation → Make mold if needed (7 days) →Mold test → Making samples(1~3 days)→Samples test(Approval) →place order for Mass production(2~3 weeks)→Quality checking→Packing →Delivery →After Service →Repeat Order.