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Trailer and Trunk Wiring Harness

Trailer wiring harness is a set of electrical connections and wires that allow a vehicle to transmit power and signals to a trailer it is towing. This type of wire harness connects the vehicle's electrical system to the trailer's lights, brakes, and other necessary components. The primary purpose of a trailer wiring harness is to ensure that the trailer's lights, such as brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights, operate in sync with the towing vehicle's lights. This is essential for safety and legal compliance, as it helps other drivers on the road know the intentions of the towing vehicle. There are different types of trailer wiring harnesses available, including four-pin and seven-pin connectors, which are suitable for various types of trailers with different lighting and electrical requirements.


Trunk Wiring Harness is a set of electrical wires and connectors that run through a vehicle's trunk (or boot in some regions). It is part of the vehicle's overall wiring system and serves various functions related to the trunk area. The trunk wiring harness typically connects various electrical components located in or near the trunk, such as the trunk light, license plate lights, rear speakers, power trunk release, and sometimes rearview cameras and sensors. It ensures that power is supplied to these components and that they can function properly. For example, the trunk light turns on when the trunk is opened, and the license plate lights illuminate the license plate for visibility. Trunk wiring harnesses are specific to each vehicle model and can vary in complexity depending on the features and options available in the trunk area.


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