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what wire harness that hooha company can be customized?


Automobile Wiring Harness


The auto wire harness is widely used in the cars power supply and signal transmission. including engine, chassis, LED light, door window lift, tailgate power lift, dash-board, audio&video, camera, battery, camera, GPS device, charger, etc. any need power supply, and signal transmission have a wired connection.

As we all know, different cars have different electric circuits, wire harness will have a different shape, jiafu company, mainly focus on customizing any type of wire harness, send drawing to us for custom it.

Telecommunication device wire harness


telecommunications wire harness, especially GPS devices are widely used in all aspects of life, those devices have a high demand for signal transmission stability, so the wire options are very demanding, pure copper and tinned copper wires are based on its real applications. if you designing a new wire harness, we could provide good suggestion for wries and connectors options.


adapter cable


cable adapter including USB (A-type, B-type, C-type mini-type, micro-type, male and female) port, DB9 port, DB15, DB25, DB26, DB37, DB44 type, BNC, RCA type, DC5.5*2.5mm male and female, DC5.5*2.1 male and female, DC3.5mm, RJ45, RJ11, DIN connector, etc. and those port conversion each other, customize cable length. just send details to us for quoting our best price.

LED light waterproof cable


Generally, LED light cable need a waterproof type of connectors, why? because most of the used outdoors, IP rating 67 grade, here we could provide 2~10pin waterproof male and female connectors for your reference. also, cable jacket sometimes needs an ultraviolet-proof, insect prevention, etc. we can also make such cables, just tell us your demand.


Trailer wire harness


The trailer belongs to a heavy-duty vehicle, wire harness also are low voltage type, but 24V instead of 12V, wire choose same as passenger cars. connectors used are normally different from small cars, this is a need to pay attention to when you design this type of wire harness.

Medical cable


Medical cables are constructed using stranded copper and high strength copper alloy conductors as well as precision shielding and jacketing technology and work together to provide highly flexible, durable and reliable Medical Wire and Medical Cable Assemblies. Our specialized cable constructions are available off the shelf in small and larger quantities, while custom cable configurations can also be supplied to customer specifications.


Machine equipment connecting wire harness


machine equipment and devices also need wire connectors, for power supply and signal transmission, especially PCB board applications, we do customize any type of wire harness, send us for design your owned wire harness.