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30A alligator clips booster jumper cable for car battery charging

30A alligator clips booster jumper cable for car battery charging
Product Name : 30A alligator clips booster jumper cable for car battery charging
Product ID : HHDP1803281433
length : 5m
jacket material : PVC
conductor : copper
color : red and black
application : charging

30A alligator clips booster jumper cable for car battery charging




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Operating instructions:

  • Connect the positive (+) Red Cable to the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery, then carefully connect the other end to the positive (+) terminal of the live batterytaking care not to ground the clamp whilst doing so.

  • Connect the negative (-) blue cable to the negative (-) terminal of the live battery, then carefully connect the other end to the engine block, (as far as away from the battery)

  • Start the car with the live battery and allow it to tick over wait a couple of minutes, and then attempt to start the car with the dead battery.

Note: Do not continuously crank the engine for periods more than 10-15 seconds, if the car does not start almost immediately, wait for one minute and try again, if the car still fails to start, the problem will need to be located and rectified before trying again. Switch off engine of car with live battery and carefully remove the cables in reverse order.

  • After starting the engine of the car with dead battery, keep both engines runningcarefully remove jumper cable in reverse order r, remove the negative (-) cable from the engine block, then remove the positive (+) cable from the positive terminal the live batterythen remove the other the order end from the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery

  • Store jumper cable safely in the handy bag provided.

Safety precautions:

· Always handle batteries with extreme caution. Lead acid batteries contain H2S04 acid; avoid contact with eyes , skin & clothes etc.

· Always refer car manual before attempting any connection of jumper cable.

· Always remove vent caps and check the liquid level before jump starting. If liquid level is low, top up with distilled water to correct level.

· If possible wear protective clothing safety goggles and gloves.

· Never smoke or use naked flames near batteries; especially when the vent caps are removed

· Never attempt to jump start with batteries of different voltages, only jump start batteries of same voltages .Eg. 6V-6V,12V-12V

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