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OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable
OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable

OBD2 16Pin to DB9 Serial Port Adapter Cable

Product ID : HHDA1912201004
Product Tags : OBDD-sub Cable
Product Attributes :

OBD2 to DB9 serial port adapter cable

For connecting your diagnostic interface and your vehicle with OBD Ⅱ compliant

Length: 1.5M

OBD Ⅱ Plug to car

DB9 female to computer

Product Description

OBD II 16 Pin Connector : DB9 Connector 
Battery Power 16 : 9 
Chassis Ground 4 : 1+2 
Signal Ground 5 : 1+2 
CAN High J-2284 6 : 3 
CAN Low J-2284 14 : 5 
ISO 9141-2 K Line 7 : 4 
ISO 9141-2 L Line 15 : 8 
J2850 BUS- 10 : 6 
J2850 BUS+ 2 : 7


Could This Connector Be Used on My Vehicle?

This adapter cable is compatible with all OBD II compliant vehicles. All 1996 and newer vehicles (cars and light trucks) sold in the United States must be OBD II compliant and this includes all domestic, Asian and European vehicles. 
A few of 1994 and 1995 model year gasoline vehicles are OBD II compliant. Please check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) Label which is located under the hood or by the radiator of most vehicles. If the vehicle is OBD II compliant, the label will designate "OBD II Certified". Additionally, Government regulations mandate that all OBD II compliant vehicles must have a 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC).
If your vehicle is OBD II compliant, it must have a 16-pin DLC under the dashboard, and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label located on the inside of the hood on most vehicles must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.

Electrical Test:

Hi-Pot Test: DC300V.

Insulation Resistance: 10 Ohm (Min).

Contactor Resistance: 5 Ohm (Max).

100% continuity test.


Why do we need you to send a drawing/schematic or sample to us for a quoted price?

Electric circuits are an essential component of many applications, but not all circuits are created equal. Depending on the specific needs of a client, different types and configurations may be required. For instance, some clients may only require three wires in their circuit, while others need more available wires to function properly.

In addition to these basic requirements, customized cable demands can add even more complexity to the equation. These demands might include specific wire connections and details such as connector type, wire gauge, length, core color request, outside jacket materials, over-mold hardness, and much more.

If you're unsure about what specifications your application requires or don't have a drawing available that outlines them clearly enough for us to understand fully - don't worry! We're here to help. Simply send us a sample or provide as many details as possible so we can create the perfect electric circuit for your unique needs.


How to custom your own wire harness?

Send your sample or drawing/schematic for quote price→ Feedback with quotation(1~3 days) → Confirm quotation → Arrange sample you for approval→ [Make mold if needed (7 days) →Mold test] → Making samples(1~3 days)→Samples test(Approval) →place order for Mass production(2~3 weeks)→Quality checking→Packing →Delivery →After Service →Repeat Order.

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